Contract Awards

Contract Awards Procurement


For awards after sealed bidding, a statement that the contract was awarded after competition by sealed bidding, the number of offers solicited and received, and the basis for selection.


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Contract Award Notice Equipmemt For Boat Builders

Contract Award Notice Refurbishment of the Ground Floor of DBMC Building

Contract Award Notice B1 Consultancy

Contract Award Notice Building Materials for Construction of Resilient Structures to Support Livestock Restoration in Dominica

Contract Award Notice Restoration of the Salisbury Irrigation System

Contract Award Notice Procurement of Fencing Material

Contract Award Notice Central Livestock Farm- STEWCO

Contract Award Notice Wildlife Audit

Contract Award Notice External Audit Services

Contract Award Notice Computers for -CIS

Contract Award Notice Livestock Feed JIREH

Contract Award Notice King comp

Contract Award Notice Agricultural tools Lot 2 Isratech Jamaica Ltd

Contract Award Notice GO-RFB Lot 1, 3, 4 TMAX Supplies 

Contract Award Notice Canoes DIR Napoleon Sanford

Contract Award Notice North East Regional Office-Procurement of Minor Works Services- Rehabilitation of North East Agriculture Regional Office

Contract Award Notice InterContinental Pharma Inc

Contract Award Notice PM Healthcare Technologies - 170067

 Contract Award Notice Caribbean Chemicals & Agencies Ltd 

 Contract Award Notice EZEE DEVELOPMENT-Construction Materials to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

 Contract Award Notice M & R TRADING LTD-Construction Materials to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

Contract Award Notice Supply and Delivery of Screens and Doors to Support Livestock Restoration in the North-East Agriculture Region

Contract Award Notice In Service Strengthening of Extension Officers in Climate Resilience Practices for Improved Agricultural Production

Contract Award Notice Financial Audit 2020/2021 to 2021/2022 by the Commonwealth of Dominica under the Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilient Project